Aire & Calder Canal Fishing


The following is a list of match dates and lengths that are booked. This list will be updated at regular intervals for your information.

Matches booked 2018 :-


Saturday 1st September

Pollington pegs 386---415 Winterton


Sunday 2nd  September 

Pollington pegs  374---385  Signet

Rawcliffe all  pegs 1---60 Paul Happy 

Newbridge pegs 61---116 Paul Happy

Great Heck pegs 97---116 Paul Happy


Sunday 9th September 

Beavers  pegs 301---333 Paul Happy 

Rawcliffe all pegs 1---60 Paul Happy

Newbridge pegs 61---116 Paul Happy 

Great Heck pegs  97---116 Paul Happy


Saturday 15th September

Pollington  pegs 401---422 Crown


Sunday 16th September

Pollington  pegs 366---380  Hull Fish


Sunday 30th September

Pollington pegs 401--430 Poole AC


all above pegs booked